This is the Only Running Bra You’ll Ever Need to Own

This is the Only Running Bra You’ll Ever Need to Own

Prepare to disregard your accumulation of games bras, since I simply found my untouched top pick. (Furthermore, that is stating a ton originating from a previous aggressive figure skater.)

Presently, before you dismiss this as simply one more games bra dispatch, listen to me. I had the joy of test-driving the Lululemon’s most recent development, the Enlite Bra, in New York City, and we should simply say it was justified regardless of the overnight outing. While I positively had my questions about how agreeable I really would be (ordinarily dons bras choke out my B-glasses and straps delve into my traps), after my exercise with wellness mentor Geneva Simms, I was persuaded this is the main games bra I’ll require—regardless of whether I’m running or doing a HIIT class.

In the wake of discovering that most ladies feel they need to bargain on solace, execution or style while choosing a running bra, Lululemon’s Whitespace group (an area of its R&D division) concocted an answer.

“Our objective with the Enlite Bra was to make an item that could grasp development by disposing of the components of development that cause uneasiness,” clarifies Alexandra Plante, Lululemon Whitespace Innovation Product Manager. “In building up the Enlite Bra, we tested the conventional conviction that decreasing bosom development is the thing that gives ladies solace and elite. Rather, it oversees concordant development over the entire body, giving a liberating sensation, unrivaled solace and no diversions.” So you won’t feel like your bosoms are on lockdown however you won’t see the shake, as well.


Much the same as looking for your bras, the Enlite takes after an alphanumeric framework (from 32B to 38DD), so clients can locate the perfect fit. Try not to stress, however: There’s an online guide at Lululemon and accommodating staff in store on the off chance that you can’t choose what your best fit is.

Regardless of whether Enlite bra is appropriate for you, in case you’re similar to me and a games bra is one reason obstructing your ideal exercise, make sure to attempt on various fits so you can discover one for your specific needs. On the off chance that there’s one thing I gained from my experience is that you don’t need to yield comfort for outline with regards to working out. You truly can have best of both universes.

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